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7 Books to Take to a Desert Island . . .

Fairly common question but what better question is there for a first blog post? A friend asked me to choose 7 books from my bookshelf the other day and challanged me to write a sentence as to why I chose each. Here goes . . .


Dark enticing tone, richly weaved at the backdrop of writing’s most compelling antihero.

The Tale of Desperaux

The ultimate romantic tale of a hero overcoming all odds to save the day, and the hero is a mouse!

Peter Pan

The classic tale of never growing old, who can fail to relate to the boy who refuses to leave his childhood behind?

The Princess Bride

Best book ever to read aloud, so good that I would be reading it aloud to my lonesome self on that desert island and maybe even acting out a few of the action scenes.

Earthsea Quartet

You have to take a book with magic in and, in my opinion, no one has ever captured spells and wizardry with the captivating simplicity of Ursula Le Guin.

Watership Down

The ultimate journey with a cast of characters that feel like family by the time you reach the end, and yet they're rabbits!

The Brothers Karamazov

There has to be a Dostoyevsky book and something to inspire deep thinking amidst all this adventure and Brothers Karamaov has got to be the one to go with.

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