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Coming Soon for Children Ages 8+

Front Cover of The Magic Bookshelf by James A Beaumont
Norah - The Magic Bookshelf by James A Beaumont
The Magic Bookshelf by James A Beaumont

"Why can’t dragons share flames with salamanders?

Why must elves poke fun at dwarves?

Why can’t sirens swim with mermaids,

And ogres play fair with orcs?"

~Norah, a fairy on fairness

The books on The Magic Bookshelf are not normal. Their words come alive. When a book of fairy tales is knocked from the shelf one night, a tiny fairy named Norah falls out and into our world. She has to get back into Fairyland but she can't do it alone. She will need the help of the mouse, Sir Siegfried The Brave, who unfortunately is not so brave at all. She will need the help of Jeffrey The Toy Robot, who never actually learned how to behave like a toy, or a robot for that matter. And she will need the help of the weird and wonderful creatures that populate the world of The Magic Bookshelf. 

Influenced by children's classics, such as The BorrowersThe Tale of Desperaux and Watership Down, The Magic Bookshelf is a modern take on classic adventure stories. It is a story about fairy tales coming to life, about friendship and the importance of helping others, and the wonderful magic of storytelling.


Coming soon, check out Chapter 1 today!

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© 2017 by James A. Beaumont

Illustrations by Chihiro Tani

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