The Magic Bookshelf

Small Heading

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"With a spark of lightning, the wind dropped, the stars blazed, and the world turned upside down. The sky became the city, the city became the sky, and Norah fell down to the stars."
~The Magic Bookshelf    
The Magic Bookshelf by James A Beaumont

Illustration by Chihiro Tani

On the Magic Bookshelf, stories come alive. When a book of fairy tales is knocked from the shelf one night, a tiny fairy named Norah falls out and into our world. Her only allies in her quest to get back home are a cowardly mouse and a toy robot, both of whom can now think and talk like real people. But to get Norah back home, the trio will have to contend with power-hungry woodlice, vainglorious robins, spiders, giants and, worst of them all, the cold-hearted predator that is shadowing their every move.



© 2017 James A Beaumont